Buriram Marathon 2021 Night Run

Hey startup runner, the equipment is not as expensive as you think!!

For startup runner, many of you may be worried about what equipment is needed, which model is good, will it be expensive?

Personally, I still believe that “running” is the cheapest sport ever. It depends on personal choices according to the happiness of each person. Additionally, running is a sport that easily finds the time and place to exercise, and does not require a partner – just a pair of comfortable shoes and a timer is enough to start exercising.

However, if you have enough assets, you can upgrade your equipment to make it look better because there are many running gear in the market and the prices range from hundreds to tens of thousands. Whether it is shoes, watches, clothes, accessories, which we can choose according to preferences and suitability.

Let’s take a look at the essential equipment for running shoes. We should choose running shoes that are comfortable to wear and suitable to your feet. This is enough for a fun run. Nevertheless, you can find running shoes at any sporting goods store or visit the “Asics Shop”, which has a wide selection of running shoes based on different functions. There are also clothes and accessories to choose from. More importantly, you can seek advice from the store clerk to get better information.

Furthermore, an essential device that is indispensable is a stopwatch. If you are a beginner runner, all you need is a simple watch or a timer that is enough to schedule your daily workouts accordingly. On the other hand, if you prefer to get more details of your run, you can use the GPS watch to see the distance, view the time of the activity we were able to do. You can also check your heart rate and a range of analyzable data and databases to improve your running. For instance, “Garmin” watches come in different models, functions and prices for you to store information on your workouts. In addition, you can choose the one that suits you as well.

Therefore, you can see that whether the equipment is cheap or expensive, we just choose the one that is perfect for you. Besides, as long as we reach our running goal, have fun and enjoy running, that’s good enough.

“Don’t forget to come and enjoy the Buriram Marathon”

Yothin Yaprachan

Mid-distance runner, Thai national team

Return to Running After a Break. But don’t know How to Start Running Again?

Let’s start all over again: When we run regularly, our body creates what is known as “muscle memory”, allowing the body to remember the rhythm as we run. Of course, if we stop running, this will gradually disappear from muscle memory. It depends on how long you stop running, if we stop running for a short period of time, the recovery doesn’t take very long. However, if you stop running for a long time, you need to start again gently.

A little “TRICK” when you start to practice running again. For those who have stopped very short or less than 2 weeks, you should resume training for 60-70% of the distance accumulated, focusing on an easy run to remember old rhythm, to restore muscle strength, and build muscle memory. A speed training section should also be reduced so as not to cause fatigue or overuse of your muscles to the risk of injury.

For those who have been stopped running for a month, you should return to 40-60% of the distance accumulated by running comfortably and should refrain the section speed work in the first few weeks. Then you feel your body is getting stronger, then gradually add speedwork to the program.

Do not forget that we should not be in too hurry as this can lead to injury. Have fun running for sustainable health.

“Return to running again, it have to run more fun and stronger than before”

“Yothin Yaprachan”
Mid-distance runner, Thai national team